Sunday, November 02, 2008


I managed to set all my clocks back today. Most of the time, I tend to miss a clock or two - then I end up making myself late by looking at the one clock that I managed to miss.

The best news is that I fixed the strange time-space-continuum thing that was happening in the morning. I would wake up in the morning, and between waking up and getting to the bathroom (about 10 feet away) I would lose six minutes. I would wake up at 6:58am and in the bathroom it would be 7:04.

Right, I know that really, it was just a problem of two clocks being off - but every morning it weirded me out. And yet, I didn't fix it. I even put it on my "to-do" list, and I still didn't fix it. Until today, that is.

So by tomorrow morning the rip in the continuum should be mended, I should be a little more rested since I "gained" my hour and I should be able to get to work in a more timely fashion. Well, two out of three isn't too bad right?

Current Music: No music, I've been clearing off the Tivo today - right now, it's the Amazing Race.


Bronwyn said...

I love living in a place that doesn't change time. Although, it means I have to keep track of everyone else's change.

for a different kind of girl said...

There are still a handful of clocks and watches around my house that haven't been adjusted yet. The goal is to get about 10 people here so I can get them changed at the same time and they're all finally on the same time!

Lori said...

I have one of those "smart clocks" that automatically changes the time for you. Problem is it was a week off and changed the clock last weekend. Luckily I didn't have to work so I wasn't on a schedule, but when my baby woke up at his usual time I thought it was an hour earlier and made him go back to sleep. Surprisingly he did, then I felt kinda bad later when I realized what happened.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

We have the opposite problem. The clock in our bathroom is one of those automatically setting clocks - meaning it's always right. Sweets sets the bedroom clock about 9 minutes fast. So, when I wake up, it says 5:00AM (ugh, I know) and I walk into the bathroom, where it says 4:51 (which makes it even worse!).

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