Friday, May 02, 2008

Stress Ball

Yep, that's me - a little wound up ball of stress! Have been all week.

So why am I stressed you say (besides the obvious - no money, dirty house, laundry not done, behind at work)?

Well I've got this thing to go to tomorrow - it's a charity "luncheon" for the local hospital. Doesn't sound all that bad right? My friend invited me since she had an extra ticket plus she figured it would be a good "networking" opportunity. At first it sounded like fun, but then I thought about who was really going to be there - all the doctor's wives, the rich stay at home moms and all the other "ladies of leisure" in town (in short, all of the rich folk that I don't hang out with).

So that got me stressing out about what to wear and since I don't do "luncheons" (I'm more of a casual brunch girl or a hang out after work with friends girl). Off I went to the mall - trying on skirts and suits and slacks and all sorts of other things I would never wear in my normal day to day life. But if I was going to be hanging with this crowd I needed something more than my standard nice top, dressy jeans and cute shoes ensemble. I finally found a cute skirt that went with a sweater I already had - cute and dressy, but could be casual for later use.

Then I realized I didn't have the right shoes. I felt quite strongly that my normal selection of boots, Sketchers, ballet flats or flip-flops just weren't going to cut it. So I went shopping again - I've bought five pairs of shoes this week (admittedly two pairs were not for the outfit)! But after multiple trips to the mall I know have skirt and shoes - oh and a new handbag (cause you can't buy new shoes and not a new purse).

That got me thinking about the state of hair and nails and toes (they're peep-toe shoes after all). So I checked the roots and the half gown out bangs and called in for an appointment with my stylist. The hair was the easiest part all things considered, well, except for the evil bangs but I can work with them. The toes are done, though I'm a bit worried that the color is too bright - but screw them if they can't appreciate a sassy summer color. The nails may have to go as they are since I don't see a manicure happening between now and 11:30 tomorrow.

And of course during this shopping frenzy I've been wondering where the money is going to come from for these purchases. I've tried to keep my purchases reasonable and I think that I should be able to wear all of this stuff more than just this time - so that's good. And I do have a fair number of things to return, that's money back in the bank.

I should be relatively stress free at this point, I'm all ready and I should be able to breath easily. But now I'm worried about the even it's self - will I know anyone? Will I see someone I don't want to run into? Will I somehow embarrass my self?

I suppose the question that I should be worried about more is will I be bored out of my skull and be sorry for spending all the time and money?

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Nilsa S. said...

That's a tricky question to answer. And I sort of feel your pain. My fiance's mother is being honored with a Distinguished Alumni Award this weekend. We are attending the banquet and I had nothing appropriate to wear. I spent my lunch today shopping. And came away with a nice pair of pants (sale!), a cardigan (sale!) and two shirts from Banana for the price of one of their regular pair of pants. I consider that an accomplishment deserving recognition! :-)

Good luck with the luncheon.

BTW - hello from Thirty Something Bloggers.

for a different kind of girl said...

I just returend a bag of clothes today that I had to stress over when I was invited to an upscale bridal shower I attended a couple weeks ago. I felt like I ended up spending more than the bride and groom wil for their wedding. The stress kicks in again in a few months when the wedding rolls around. The worst part is the "fancy shoes." I don't have an overall need for super nice shoes on a day to day, so paying what I did was a gut punch.

I, too, stressed about the small talk aspect of the day, but sometimes I luck out and it just happens for me. I hope such is the case for you for your event!

kimmyk said...

i hate shopping for anything.
i think all events should be casual come as you are. cause if that were the case-i'd be in jeans and flip flops and a tshirt. keep it simple keep it nice...keep it semi homemade.

errrr...nevermind. too much foodnetwork.

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