Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blog Neglect

Can I be arrested for blog neglect? Is there a Blog Protective Services, could there be fines involved for the fact that I've been a crap blogger? I hope not, cause I have in deed been a crap blogger!

But, since I'm sure you're all dying to know what's new with me, here's Mandy Lou in bullets:

  • The sewage pump is f'd up again, nothing major but if I see those stupid plumbers again... well just keep an eye on the news "Suburban lady opens a can of whoop ass on two under age plumbers".
  • Scott cleaned both bathrooms this week, no really both bath rooms (and yes, there was much fanfare)
  • I am only just now dropping my sister's birthday card in the mail - can it make it to Cali by Saturday?
  • I've been working 9+ hours a day, that bites
  • I've had PMS for like a week now, that really bites
  • I walked over 15,000 steps on Saturday (I had to work at the restaurant)
  • May bangs are growing out, again - yeah, I cut them, again. So what's your point?
  • I am a week and a half away from becoming the mother of a tween girl and a crazy hockey playing boy - the good news is that it's only a week, but more on all that later
  • Even without all the restaurant steps, I'm pretty much making my goal of 7,000 steps a day - gotta love those long walks through the mall!
  • Work is sucking - most of the time I dream of using the stapler on my boss' forhead
  • Scott spent "all day" cleaning 4 windows - no really, it's hard work being him.
  • I'm scheduled to work both Friday and Saturday night working at the restaurant, it's going to be a long weekend, and not in a good way!

Well, that's about it for now. I would promise to be a better blogger, but I'd probably let y'all down. So I'll just say I just say see you soon (ish).

Current Music: Ain't Nothing Wrong With That - Robert Randal & The Family Band


Anonymous said...

girl, you are forgiven for blog neglect! :)

I have had PMS for almost nine days now. i'm either gonna rip someone's head off or attack yet another plate of french fries covered in chocolate sauce.

Have a great day, Mandy Lou!

for a different kind of girl said...

Soon(ish) is good as long as it's sometime(ish)!

I'm gonna go with the idea that I have perpetual PMS. It's just easier!

Good luck with that long weekend at the restaurant!

Scoobers said...

i am guilty of neglecting your blog too (among others) as well as not posting in my own.

i miss reading... just haven't had time lately. i will... i will... i will!

hope you're well and i'll catch up very soon


Lori said...

Hey, thanks for the update, I wondered what happened. Now I know why you joined all those blog everyday groups. Motivation when it's lacking.

I have the same bang delima's you do, cut them or not? I go back and forth all the time and am never really happy with whichever I have at the current time. I Always think the other would be better, but it's usually not.

Nilsa S. said...

You've got lots going on, girl. Give yourself that much needed break from blogging. Sometimes LIVING is better than writing about it. We'll be here when you get back! With cobwebs on! hahaha.

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