Friday, May 23, 2008

How May I Disappoint You Today?

I hate to be disappointed, and yet I am disappointed frequently. Typically it is due to my own expectations, or rather over-expectations. But most of the time I've learned to live with disappointment by managing those expectations.

As much as I hate to be disappointed, what I hate more is disappointing people. Not that any of us really want to go out of our way to disappoint others, but it is truly one of my least favorite things - (it's guaranteed to make my stomach churn and head pound). But this week I think I've managed to disappoint almost everyone in my life.

I thought I had pre-ordered a Wii Fit for my sister's birthday. Apparently I did not complete the order and now my sister has no birthday present, until the next shipment comes in (in a month). I did some checking around on line and unless I'm willing to twice the retail value I'm SOL.

I yelled at Scott for the umteenth time, and he finally got mad back and sulked for a few days. Normally I wouldn't really care, but in his own lame way he has been trying to make my life easier and I've been taking that for granted.

My two year old niece called and wanted to talk to me, but I couldn't answer the phone (in my defense I was working).

I completely forgot to order some parts for a client, and now it's going to be 3 more weeks till they can finish their project.

I haven't taken my dog for a walk for over a week.

I forgot to call my dad back with a recipe that he really needed (I did manage to get him the information a day after he needed it).

Since I've disappointed my nearest and dearest, I figured I'd put it out there to anyone who needs to be disappointed... So how may I disappoint you today?

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kimmyk said...

well you could do some homework for me so i could go out and play today. what? you dont wanna do my homework??? pssshhhaaaa. total disappointment to me mandy lou.


things happen and people will just have to get over it. sounds to me like you're being pulled in a lot of different need a mental break to regroup.

nice long weekend...use it wisely. take care of yourself and dont worry i got my homework done!

for a different kind of girl said...

I hear you. When i feel I've let someone down, even myself, I stew on the feeling far longer than the person I think I've let down does. I hope you're able to find some time this weekend to relax and, hopefully, let some of this fall off your back, for I think, for the most part, people understand when we slip up from time to time.

Lori said...

Sounds like you need a glass of wine, or maybe a whole bottle of wine. I hate it when things don't go my way, over and over again. Try not to be so hard on yourself, I'm sure what you've done bothers you way more than the ones you think you let down.

Nilsa S. said...

It doesn't sound to me like you're disappointing people intentionally. You've put in effort where needed. And, let's face it, it sounds like you're busy with work. Sometimes we have to be a little lighter on ourselves during busy times. I, for one, could definitely use that advice. Hopefully this week has started better...

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