Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Open Letter

To the Angry Lady in the Cosmetics Isle in Target:

If your daughter is going to throw a full on temper tantrum (throwing herself down on the floor, kicking and screaming, serious slobbery crying) in Target, then she is not old enough to wear make-up. You should not be trying to reason with her about why she doesn't need the loose powder that she wants to buy. You should not be yelling that the lip gloss she thinks she wants to buy is really concealer. You should be telling her that she isn't old enough to have any of it. You should be telling her that she is way past the age of full blown temper tantrums. And then you should take her home so that the rest of us can shop in peace.

Thank you,
Irritated Lady Trying to Buy Mascara

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for a different kind of girl said...


I compose 'letters in my head' like this on an almost daily basis at some point when I am working. I'm amazed at some of the things I witness.

Here's hoping you got some great mascara, regardless!

Bronwyn said...

And a hallelujah. I get so tired of parents. Every damn day they think that actually saying NO is not even an option. Ugh.

Lori said...

I don't know which is worse, when parents don't control thier kids and let them run wild in the stores, or when they scream and yell at them making a huge scene.

When my siblings and I were little and bad in public my mom would hold onto our arm and pull us close to her like she was telling us a secret, but really she was digging her fingernails into our arm (ouch)and telling us that we were going to get our butts spanked when we got home if we didn't straighten up that very second. As she was saying this she had a smile on her face and nobody knew. We used to HATE it when she did that, but I guess now that I'm older I realize that not only did it work, but it didn't make a scene either.

Scoobers said...

right on, sister!

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