Thursday, April 10, 2008

How Many Licks Does It Take?*

My house is a serious mess, but I haven't had time to clean it - and when I have had time I've been so tired all I want to do is sit on the couch and watch TV or read a book. I know that the house is past gross, but I'm past caring recently.

So when Scott told me that he was going to be home all week I thought, "Great, the house won't get clean, but maybe he'll do some laundry or clean up his mess on the table". Well, that hasn't been the case, all week I've come home to piles of laundry, dishes in the sink, etc. Until today...

I just got off the phone with Scott, he said that he couldn't stand another minute in the dirty house and he was in the midst of cleaning the house! Holy Mary, hell has actually frozen over!

So now we know the number of days my husband can sit around doing nothing in a filthy house before he has to clean it is 4. (May I throw in a snotty comment that if I had taken a week off and the house wasn't clean by day one that he would have started in on the snide comments by day two.)

* Alternate title is How Gross Can My House Get Before My Husband Will Clean?

Current Music: Housework - The B-52's

**UPDATE** Got home at 6 to find out the "cleaning" meant that he had vacuumed. Yep the house sure is clean...


Bronwyn said...

That is awesome. 4 days and he will vaccuum. Maybe at 6 he will do dishes?

for a different kind of girl said...

Ha! Last weekend, I came home from running yet another errand, and woo hoo! My husband had taken all the stuff out of the kitchen and was mopping the floor! I was thrilled!!!

Now, to mop, first he had to vaccuum the floor. Great. This was Saturday. Today, Friday, the vacuum sits in the living room in the same spot he left it. Granted, he was gone for a week, but now it's a point I'm trying to prove (and now, the rest of the house needs vacuumed) that there's no half way jobs.

Alas, I can't stand the state of my house and figure I'll cave at some point today and clean, all while waiting for that complete 'win win' situation!

Lori said...

Before I got to the update I was wondering what his version of clean would be.
I am beginning to think messy houses is the norm and a clean house is pretty much obsolete.

Anonymous said...

My house is a total wreck, girl. I had spring break last week and i swore up and down that i would clean every nook and crannie in this house. did that happen? uh,yeah, NO. it didn't. oh, well. I had good intentions to do it. It's just that my follow thru wasn't so good. ;)

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