Monday, April 14, 2008

Dream On

I had two stress/work dreams in the early morning hours:

1. One of my bosses was yelling at me for missing an 8:30am meeting, a meeting that she had scheduled for me to meet with a client - but hadn't told me about. Now anyone who knows anything about me knows that I don't do much at 8:30am except use monosyllabic words and get ready for work. So I was yelling back that it was totally unfair of her to be mad at me when she a) knows I don't do 8:30am meetings, b) didn't tell me and c) since she rarely comes in before 10am who was she to tell me when to come in. The fight got so heated, the yelling so intense that I woke up sweating and seriously pissed off.

That was at about 4:30am and though I tried, I couldn't get back to sleep for a while. Around 4:45am I gave up and read for a bit. At some point I managed to get back to sleep again and had this dream:

2. My boss' mom needed a ride to the shop in her motor home (strange for many reasons, one of which is that she doesn't actually have one), but she wanted to drive and just have me ride with her. Once we got there I realized that I couldn't get back home to change (I had left the house without make-up or hair done or clothes on) so went in to ask the boss if I could drive his van back to my house to get ready for work. Since it was well before the time I usually get to work I figured I had time to go home and get suited up for real. But he said no, since I was there he expected me to work, I said I couldn't since I didn't have make-up on or any clothes. At that point I realized that not only was I not wearing work clothes, I wasn't wearing any clothes at all(though they did eventually re-appear)! I looked around the show room and there were a ton of people that needed help (even though none of them wanted kitchens - I'm not really sure what they wanted), so I started helping people with their questions - naked and grumbling all the way. A few clients later (and with my clothes back on) I said I was going home to change. Just as I was walking away, that person (really not sure who it was) bit or stabbed me in the back (left shoulder blade to be exact). The stabbing pain was enough to wake me up again and for good.

The odd thing is the shoulder pain bothers me when I am at work, I rarely have a problem with it anywhere else. But just dreaming about work made me the pain come back!

Not that these two dreams aren't so hard to decipher. As you know I've not been exactly pro-work. I drag my ass in here every day doing as little work as I can get away with and try not to listen to my bosses whining about sales being down (I'm making my sales so there's not much more I can do for that). But theses dreams have got me thinking that I may need to re-evaluate my job or at least how much longer I want to work for these folks.

In any event I think I see a mental health day in my future...

Current Music: Lily Dreams On - Cotton Mather


for a different kind of girl said...

would you nap during a mental health day? because you may end up more than exhausted if you do so, and dream these kinds of dreams!

either way, i hope you get your mind to slow down so you can get some settled rest!

Just Laura said...

Spring fever always hits quickly and the sting lasts for a long time.

I can relate to the bosses perception on downward trending sales... kind of where we're at. It's not just my numbers but everyone.

Mental health day is the perfect respite (sp?) - I think we've been traveling on the same wavelength.


Scoobers said...

oh how i long for my next MHD. i'm saving up though for a big one... i feel my luck in good shifts will run dry very soon.

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