Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Not... going... to... make it.

Yes, I am a super geek when it comes to Harry Potter (though I am not alone!). I get all excited when a new book or movie comes out - so imagine my current state this month with a new movie AND the final book coming out - WAY past excitement (bordering on apoplectic)!

In advance of the final book release, I thought I would re-read the entire series (just to get all pumped and ready!). I was doing okay - starting on the first of July, I managed to get through a fair amount of the first book, then managed to finish one, two and three on the 8th (yep all in one day), got started on the fourth and that's where I fell short. Now I'll be the first to admit that the Goblet of Fire is not my favorite book of the bunch, and maybe it's the 700 some-odd pages that got to me, but I just could not make any head way.

So, after talks with my BIL (who is only slightly less insane when it comes to HP) and Scott (who enjoys HP) I decided that the best plan of action was just to re-read the sixth book so that I was as up to date as on the current goings on. Then after I've read the seventh, I can re-read everything at a more leisurely pace.

Which brings me to another question - how quickly should I read the final book? I realize that if I don't read it all in one sitting on the weekend that it's released, I will probably have the ending spoiled for me by the time that I get back to work on Monday. But if I fly through it, I'll be done, really done - no more Harry Potter. It's a hard decision to make - and worse yet I know that, since I really don't want the story spoiled, I will be sitting on the couch (probably with a box of Kleenex) all weekend and plowing through it. Even if that does happen - I'll savor every last word of it.

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UPDATE: Saw the Order of the Phoenix tonight, it was quite good. They made some changes, but still stayed true enough to the story - well done!


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