Friday, July 13, 2007


Yep, it's a bitch! I talked about random bruising and clumsy people and low and behold - I go ass over tea kettle last night.

I was sitting on the floor wrestling a kitten (trying to put a new collar on) when Scott yelled out for help. Since he was hollering at the top of his lungs, I figured there was something really wrong. So I got up, dropping the kitten, and ran for the baby gate that we use to keep the dog contained. As I got to the gate, actually half way over the gate, Jake ran right out in front of me - so in an effort to not kill the cat I went head long into the baby gate and the fireplace. A couple of bumps, scrapes, and ice packs later I finally got to the back yard to see what all the fuss was about - apparently our resident bunny had infiltrated the fence and George had it on the run. So not worth it!

Current Music: watching TV, trying to clear some stuff off the Tivo - currently it's an episode of Good Eats


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