Sunday, July 22, 2007

So far, so good

I got home Saturday after seeing Scott off for the race, and I didn't see my copy of Harry Potter in the mail box. I got down to the front door, still no book. I decided not to freak out, I would just sit down and have a bit of lunch and then I'd check on line - then I'd freak out! Just as I was getting on to the Amazon website I heard the pup start barking, and someone coming down the driveway. It was here!

So, after getting the box open, and getting situated to sit down for a nice long read - I began. At this point I'm about half-way through, and so far so good. It's been interesting, exciting, happy and sad. I've been talking back and forth with my BIL and good friend R - both HP fans, we keep checking up on each other, discussing the book to our respective points.

I have been taking periodic breaks to clean, allow my eyes to rest, shower and of course - check on the race! At this point, our guys haven't rounded the buoy according to the website, but apparently there are a few boats on the horizon (of course they're all the big/multi-hulled boats). The committee hasn't heard from very many boats yet, so hopefully the guys are just stuck out there with everyone else and no wind! JR is a great tactician, so maybe he'll be able to find some wind that the others won't.

Current Music: taking an HP break, and trying to clear off the tivo (again!) since I haven't been watching anything for the last 2 days - currently another episode of Good Eats (again, I know, but I've got a ton for some reason).


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