Friday, July 06, 2007


I am soooooooooooooooooo itchy! I have a ton of bug bites, all over my legs, feet and ankles and I itch!!!! I've taken allergy medicine, but still no relief. Everyone is suggesting calamine lotion or cortisone cream, but I'm far too vain - the calamine lotion is ugly and rubs off on your clothes and the cortisone messes up my tan in a can lotion (and apparently I need my tan more than I need to stop itching). I tried a Benedryl last night and that seemed to work, but if I take one of those during the day time I'll be face down on my keyboard in no time.

Have you noticed how when you get itchy on one spot others start itching too? I'm now getting itches where I don't even have bites - grr!

I'm not completely positive how I got all these bug bits either. I was at a picnic for the 4th, and I remember my ankles itching - so obviously something in the grass was getting me. But I'm still a bit baffled on the upper legs and the few random arm ones. We were all commenting at the party how few mosquitoes seem to be out this year - hmm maybe it's because they were all on my butt!!!

Well, off to work and scratch, but maybe not in that order.

Current Music: A Cold Wind Will Blow Through Your Door - Bill Ricchini


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