Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Remember...

I remember waking up to the news on the radio and wondering what was going on.

I remember waking Scott up, screaming and crying over the things I was seeing on the television screen.

I remember watching in horror as the towers collapsed under their own weight.

I remember thinking that the whole country seemed to be under attack.

I remember going to work, but not wanting to leave the car for fear I would miss something on the news.

I remember wondering if my Uncle was in D.C. for work, and feeling selfishly thankful that he no longer had an office in the Pentagon.

I remember hearing that another plane was missing and later hearing that it had crashed en route to Washington.

I remember being glued to the television, absorbing the images of destruction and heroism.

I remember seeing video of people streaming from Manhattan.

I remember sitting with my friends in the evening worried about loved ones and feeling guilty for being safe on the west coast.

I remember lighting candles at night for all the lost souls and those that were trying so hard to recover them.

I remember how strange it was to not hear or see planes in the sky for days.

I remember feeling so injured by the attack on my country even though it didn't actually touch my life as closely as it did others.

If you didn't read this last year, it's a good story.

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Nilsa S. said...

The day that touched our lives forever. It's amazing how something so instantaneous can bring a country of strangers together and make us feel like family. I remember because how the heck could I ever forget?

Frances D said...

I worked a few blocks from the Towers.
I'll never forget watching that second building fall.
Thank you for coming by my blog.
Waving at you from a very quiet New York

Anonymous said...

great post, Mandy Lou!

Much love to ya, girl. have a good one! :)

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