Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blocked Up

Not dead, not stuck without power post-hurricane, not trapped in a box by a serial killer. Just Blogger-block.

I am lacking anything for anything funny, witty, interesting or otherwise "blog worthy". Mostly I've just been a big old Debbie Downer. But my horoscope said:

    This would be a perfect week to spend some time alone.
And so far it's been right. It has poured rain, there's been sunny days, the cats have been crazy, the dog is filthy, the husband is his usual PITA (pain in the ass) self and work is as spectacular as it always is. That's been my week.

My current bright and shiny moment is the purchase of two new shades of OPI polish. The new fall collection is absolutely awesome, and now "Yes I Can-Can" and "You Don't Know Jacques" are mine (and I'm pondering buying another one or two).

Sort of sad when the high point of your week is nail polish, but you take it where you can get it.


for a different kind of girl said...

Nothing sad about that! I swear, on the rare - the VERY rare - chance I get to have my nails done, I spend an irrational amount of time just randomly staring at my nails. Driving? I'll admire the reflection in front of me in the windshield! Reading a book? Look at those pretty nails as they turn the page!

Yeah. So, so not sad! I say a great set of polished nails (mmm..OPI!) can definitely be a mood brightener!

Lori said...

Well you read my last post, so I have to say, your grass is definitely greener than mine. So cheer up, things could be worse.

I love the titles to OPI polish, when I pick my color at the salon at least half my decision is based only on the name, 25% the color, and the other 25% is based on how old the bottle of polish looks.

Nilsa S. said...

Nothing sad about it at all. It's the little things that make you happy. I'm down with that. And don't you worry about blogger block. We all get it from time to time.

kimmyk said...

look at your new digs!
i love it!

i would love to have my nails painted....or a massage.

anything really would be nice.

Bronwyn said...

I really like the new layout. Wow.

I have had a blockage lately too. Here's to hoping something blogable comes around. (In a good way!!)

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