Monday, August 11, 2008

"Thinking of You"

I love to make cards, but I've never made a Sympathy card. I've always just gone and bought one when I needed one. I mean, who wants to have those around - it seems like borrowing trouble. Not the mention the fact that I hate Sympathy cards - they never really say what you are thinking. But then, given the circumstances, what can you say?

I made my first sympathy card today. I had to make it, it was to send my condolences to a family that just lost their infant daughter, not yet three months old. Hallmark doesn't make a card for that, do they.

All I could say was "Thinking of You" - because that much is true. I am thinking of them, thinking how unfair it is for such a horrible thing to happen to such nice people. I'm thinking that I'm angry that a sweet little baby had to leave this planet way too soon.

But what else could I say? I couldn't say that the universe sucks and there is no way that they should have to be going through this. I couldn't say that what ever deity they believe in has let them down by not answering the prayers of many who had hoped that she would recover from her fall. I couldn't say that they would be okay, is anyone ever okay after the death of a child?

So I'll think of them, and maybe I can bear some of their sorrow, because right now they have too much to bear.

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for a different kind of girl said...

My heart breaks reading this. This is a part of God's plan I swear that I'll never, ever be able to wrap my head or heart around and understand, but this family will be in my prayers.

Nilsa S. said...

And I'm going to guess that reaching out to them is incredibly meaningful. There's nothing more powerful than knowing you're surrounded by people who support you during times of need.

kimmyk said...

aww. how horrible.

that was a great idea of making your own card, it's much more heartfelt, but wow.

Lori said...

So sad, I hate hearing things like that, it breaks my heart.
How does a 3 month old baby fall? Sorry, not trying to be insensitive at all, but I can't figure that one out, they don't really move much at that age.
I think you making a card was very sweet and will mean a lot to them, but I agree it's so hard to know what to say at a time like that. Just letting them know your thinking of them says so much more.

Anonymous said...

hi mandy lou! thanks for stopping by today! need to add you to my links now!! :)

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