Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Not much new to report, just odds and ends. So I thought I'd give you a run down in numbers:

17 - The number of years that Scott and I have been together, as of today. Yep it's the anniversary of our first date (which was supposed to be a one night stand - obviously I am not clear on the concept of one night stand).

8 - The number of times I've listened to Duffy's Warwick Avenue since Monday.

4 - The hour of the morning that I finally dragged my sorry butt home the other night. It's fun to go out drinking with co-workers after a late night at the restaurant, it's even more fun if you don't have to stop drinking at last call because it's the bar you work in and the bartender is there drinking with you.

9 - The number of days that it's taken for this sunburn on my back to stop hurting and itching.

3 - The number of days that Scott has been mad at me since I came home at 4:30am (sure, I left at 4, but it took a half an hour to get home).

10 - The number of times I've apologized for not calling and coming home so late. Even though I'm not really all that sorry.

6 - The number of loads of laundry Scott has done while sighing heavily and rolling his eyes - his way of telling me that I should be doing the laundry, not him

2 - The number of birthday cards I need to make for birthdays that I missed.

11 - The number of magazines I've looked through lately looking for a good haircut (number found is zero).

5 - The number of Double Stuff Oreos I had in place of breakfast.

12 - The number of times I've had squirt vile pink medicine down my cat's throat since Wednesday. The good news is that we're almost done, the bad news is that I think the cat is plotting something.

7 - The number of times one of my clients has called in the last two days to find out when his tile would be in.

1 billion - The numbers of typos I've made today, seriously having typing issues.

Current Music: Heartbeat - Scouting for Girls


Nilsa S. said...

17 years? That's amazing and awesome and so totally worth celebrating!

Frances D said...

Thanks so much for popping by my blog.
I love your "numbers post" I'm inspired to do one of my own.
Sorry you're getting heck for being late.
And watch your step around that cat ;)
Waving at you from New York

for a different kind of girl said...

The Duffy cd is a good one. I assume you're a proud owner, but if you're not, pick it up!

Anonymous said...

mmmm, that oreo breakfast sounds yummy, Mandy Lou!! :)

Have a great day!!

Lori said...

Yeah for 17 years, I guess he will just have to get over that 4am thing. It's not like you do it every weekend right?

Bronwyn said...

17 years? Impressive. You could think of it as 6209 (give or take) one night stands with the same guy.

kimmyk said...

4:30 in the morning? dude i haven't seen a 4:30 in the morning except when my alarm goes off that dang early.

i can't imagine. such the party animal. good for you.

and men need to do the laundry more if you ask me. did you ask me??? if you did, that's what i'd say....do the laundry and quit rollin' your damn eyes.

Anonymous said...

People should read this.

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