Friday, February 22, 2008

Yes, and your point would be...

Right, so I signed up for the March NaBloPoMo, because I'm a joiner and I lack the ability to maintain a blog on my own without some faux-authority overseeing me. As noble a cause as it may be, apparently I can not handle the freedom of "Blogging Without Obligation" (do you think they'll make me take my cool little badge off?).

Ok, so that's not the real reason, but I haven't been doing much blogging lately and I'm bummed about that, so maybe March NaBloPoMo will give me the kick in the a** that I need - we'll see...

In other news:

It's my sweet, fuzzy, little one's birthday today - and being a "sad, overly excited, has no kids" kind of gal that I am - I am indeed overly excited! I got him a new cat nip mat and some fresh cat grass (cause who doesn't need a little fix from time to time!?). So happy birthday Bert (he's a handsome little devil isn't he?)!

Also in the news of cat parenting, we managed to lock Jake out side all last night. On the upside he seemed fine (and highly pissed off), on the down side I'm not really sure how to identify kitty frostbite - so we'll see how things go.

Oh yeah, in not cat news, I turn 36 tomorrow. I haven't decided how I feel about that yet, but I'll let you know.

Current Music: Same Mistake - James Blunt


for a different kind of girl said...

Happy Birthday to you! I hope you get showered in some gifts, if you're into that thing. Maybe Bert will get you some new cat grass! Of course, he may take it as his own, saying it was the thought that counts and all!

Truly, happy birthday! Enjoy it!

Bronwyn said...

He's a precious little thing. Looks like he could cause trouble though!

Happy birthday!! I hope it is awesome. And, I can't wait for you to be forced to blog again!!

Lord I am all about the exclamation marks.

Lori said...

Good luck with the nanoblogo thingy, if you run out of things to blog about, here's a question I've been wondering about you. Why are you kidless at 35? Yes I know it's a very taboo question, so feel free to ignore my rudeness, but if on the otherhand you have some desire to share, well blog away.

kimmyk said...

awww happy birthday to you!!!!
i hope you have a wonderful birthday girlie!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Mandy Lou!! Hope it was a great one for ya, my dear! sending you birthday hugs!

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