Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Things We Do For Love

Alright, so I don't do that much, but I try and make a bit of an attempt for Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day is my favorite Hallmark holiday. My grandfather always made it special for my mom and so she always made it special for us - little gifts and cards. So now, I like to do the same - cards to family and friends, little presents for my nieces and always something special (usually silly and cheap, but special) for Scott. Of course, he doesn't always return the favor - most of the time I have to remind him that Valentine's Day is coming (3 to 4 times), then I have to tell him what to get me (sort of lacks the romance) - but it's what we do.

This year, I've reminded him, I've given him a list, I've planned out a nice dinner - all the prep work is done. So, in case there is also some Valentine's Day sex, I figured that I'd better prepare myself as well. I'm not talking about anything major, just your basic maintenance - hair cut (ok that could be major, but I really need one), eyebrow wax (who wants to have sex with a yeti?) and of course, shaving all the bits that need shaving.

"Where are you going with this" you ask? Well, here's the thing, I hate shaving! I can handle the underarms or bikini line - but really hate shaving my legs. So when winter comes sneaking in I tend to just let it go for a while. Of course I could blame it on the shower which is only 30 inches by 30 inches - so you need an advanced yoga master to really get a good angle on the legs. I could blame it on the shaving cream or the razors, perhaps I need better technology. I could blame my mother, for teaching me poor technique! In reality I think I'm just lazy and a bad leg shaver. I rarely get out of the shower without a nick or two.

For instance, yesterday I figured I'd get a start on the little forest that has taken over my lower legs and do a pre-valentine's shave - I managed to cut myself no fewer than five times. It was like a scene from Psycho, well there was no scary music and most of the wounds were small enough to be handled with a bit of TP - but there was screaming. And, lord help me, I'll have to do it again on Thursday to get all the spots that I missed!

But that's apparently the price I'm willing to pay for love or at least for a little valentine's nookie. If that's not for you - you could always try this!

Current Music: Love is a Losing Game - Amy Winehouse


Bronwyn said...

I tend to leave my legs too. I can't stand to leave my pits, but my legs... they are just so far away. And I like to pretend it keeps me warmer.

for a different kind of girl said...

Dang! I wish we had one of those here! Nothing, I imagine, comes close to a little candlelight romance with a tray full of sliders!

Here's what I don't get when leg shaving. I can see that I've gone over the thatch patch, yet, when I get out of the shower and am drying off, there it is. A line of missed hair. That or I have bizarre hormones that cause the leg hair to grow that rapidly between the time I turn the water off and the time I step out of the shower.

Either way, I hate this task the most of many I can think of.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Lori said...

Hope Scott doesn't have a headache tonight and all your shaving isn't for nothing! :0)
Happy V day!

Scoobers said...

I relate with the legs things. I'm on two weeks and today is the day... brand new razor. The ER is on alert already ;)

ooooh... sliders! Too bad I'm in AZ!

Scoobers said...

Happy Valentine's Day! :)

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