Sunday, September 16, 2007

It's in the Air

I know Summer isn't over yet, but clearly Fall is on it's way! The weather has been cool and breezy, the evenings have been crisp and clear. I love it! I guess I never really appreciated the changes in the seasons till we moved here, Northern California really has only two seasons, warm and dry or cool and rainy.

I went shopping for coats and sweaters yesterday - found two great coats, a leather and a cute puffy down one (don't even get me started on the super red purse or the zebra striped kitten heels)! I may have to get out the sweaters and the Halloween decorations soon!

It's due to warm up into the low 80s next week, so I guess it's back to the the shorts and flip-flops for a bit. Damn - that means I'm going to have to redo my toes...

Current Music: Autumn in New York - Frank Sinatra


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