Thursday, September 06, 2007

Interview Time

As I was doing my daily blog reading I saw Kimmy's interview - being adventurous (read - stupid) I volunteered to be interviewed as well. These questions were different from what I was expecting, but definitely fun!

Have you noticed a change in the way you write and the person you are now vs. the person who started your blog a year and a half ago?
The way I write is still very much the same - a combination of internal monologue, stream of consciousness and catty girl chat. As far as if I'm a different person, yes - I've become more open, it seems easier to pour my heart out to strangers on the Internet - and that has translated to the real world a bit. I love that I can write things down then send them off into the void - somehow a journal just doesn't do it for me.

You have two choices either (a) stand naked on a street corner holding a sign advertising for a new vagasil product or (b) go to the Michigan/OSU game and sit in the Michigan section wearing scarlet and grey. Whatcha gonna do? [baha!!]
This is such an unfair question!!!! Just last year on the day of the big game I was walking around the mall and everyone was giving me the stink-eye and I couldn't figure out why. I figured it out in the dressing room at Macy's - I was wearing a grey long-sleeved tee and a red puffy vest! Needless to say, I cut my shopping trip short.

So my answer will have to be "(a) stand naked on a street corner holding a sign for vagisil" - I'll have to hope for a nice day and a big sign since I no longer have the best naked body (much better looking clothes - have you noticed how that happens sometime after 30?).

One day you are told "tomorrow you will forget everything you know...but one memory" What memory are you keeping safe?
Not having kids makes this easier, but it was still the hardest question. I guess many people would say "wedding day" or "first kiss" or other obvious ones, but I realized long ago that I can live with out my darling hubby - not that I would want to, but I could. So my answer is this: dancing with my grandmother in her living room when I was little. We'd put on the stereo and we'd dance - sometimes I'd stand on her feet if she was trying to show me a particular step (which wasn't that easy - she used to wear flip-flips with big plastic flowers). I realized as I was thinking about this question that I can find a new love, have another wedding, graduate again - but I only ever got one grandmother and I miss her (thanks for making me cry Kimmy!)

Do you believe in Heaven? If so, describe your Heaven.
I don't believe in Heaven. Sometimes I wish I did, it would be nice to know that one day you'd be able to join all your dearly departed.

What did you wanna be when you grew up? How close of a reality is that dream?
I seriously wanted to be a high-powered Stock Broker when I grew up - live in New York, work on Wall Street, the whole nine yards. Please keep in mind that I grew up in the early 80s when it was great to be a yuppie - don't hold it against me.

Reality is a bit different (though I was a techie-yuppie at one point). I love designing kitchens, I love helping people design their dream homes - but sometimes I long for a hip SoHo loft.

So these are the rules. [Because there are always rules]
Interview Rules:
1) Leave me a comment saying "interview me" along with your email address.
2) I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3) You will update your blog with a post containing your answers to the questions.
4) You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5) When others comment asking to be interviewed you will ask them five questions.

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