Friday, August 31, 2007

Woman's Work

Why is it that when Scott gets up before me he can just go about his normal business, without any of the furry ones bugging him? Yet the moment that I decide to begin getting out of bed (sometimes it takes a bit!) - they all begin hounding me? How is it that they are all my job - not his?

I was listening to Scott walk around the house this morning (Jake had yet to realize that I was awake). He said good morning to the kittens and Jake - but they didn't ask for breakfast, he pet the pooch and said good morning - but wasn't forced to let her out. Somehow they all cut him slack that I just don't get. The moment I come out of the bathroom I have to maneuver around the cats that are rubbing my legs to get to the dog that is banging at the back door to be let out!

Here's the routine:
1. let dog out
2. feed cats
3. let dog in
4. feed dog
5. check the bird and squirrel feeders and have my "Disney moment"*
6. finally get into the shower

* The "Disney moment" is when I feed the birds and the squirrels and they come and eat what I've tossed out to them - I'm not saying that they sing with (yet) but it's awfully perky for 6:30am.

Of course all of this gets me to thinking about our attempts to get pregnant. In some ways I think I'm happy to be unsuccessful - it's just one more thing that I'd have to do in the morning that Scott could walk by, pat on the head and say "Good Morning".

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kimmyk said...


This is sooo the story at my house. The dogs they don't sit beside Jamie in the wee hours of the morning if they want to go outside oh no. They sit beside my bed and they whine. Okay I let them out cause I can't take it anymore. Then I crawl back into bed....and then Jamie gets up at 4:30 in the morning to go to work and you think they want to go potty then? HELL no. What do they do...? Wait til they hear the garage door go up and then whine at me again til I get up and let them out again. Here it is Sunday morning and they got me up on my day off at 7am. On Jamie's day off I hear stories about how they slept til noon with him. NOON? REALLY?

Ugh and don't get me started on feeding and watering the dogs.

I'm tellin' ya...if I died tomorrow the animals would follow within 3 days. Who knows what happens when I'm not here. Do they eat? I dunno.

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