Monday, August 13, 2007


Someone hi-jacked my eBay account!

I open up my email this morning to find the following subject line: "Account Security Notice: eBay Registration Suspension - Possible Unauthorized Account Use". Of course I totally freaked out! I couldn't sign on to eBay, couldn't access anything. I found other email in my in-box that were supposedly from me - trying to sell low-cost electronics. So scary!

I have to give props to eBay though, I went to the site, followed the instructions and chatted with a customer service person and within a matter of minutes she had me back up and running. Apparently they had already figured out exactly what was going on (I guess this is a bit of a common occurrence), notified the other eBay folks that got email from me (supposedly from me anyway), and were just awaiting my reply.

I'm pleased that eBay was so on the ball, but it's freaky that it could happen in the first place! At lease everything is back to normal, but believe me - I'm going to be paying more attention from now on.

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