Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wanting and Needing

To me, there is a very fine line between wanting and needing. I usually feel that I truly need the things I want. And I'm so very tired of wanting...

I feel like I'm never happy with what I have or where I am in my life, I always want more. Some would say that it's a good thing to always strive for more, but I'm finding that to want so much makes it very depressing when you can't get it. I grew up not wanting for much, so maybe I can blame my parents for this one!

It just seems that the budget is always too tight to be able to buy and do all the things I want. There's just not enough left over after all the "needs".

Then, of course, there are the "wants" that money can't buy. For instance, we want to get pregnant, but that seems to be eluding us. How do you handle that? There's just not much to be done - all though I supposed money could help us with that as well, if we had any.

I guess I'm just feeling whinny right now - we have to buy a new laptop, since our old one died, after another month of trying to get knocked-up it seems we have failed again, my mother is coming for a visit, the list goes on...

Current Music: Always In My Head - Psapp


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