Monday, May 14, 2007

Was it Mother's Day?

I am a bad child - I completely forgot to call my mom on Mother's Day! In my defense, actually, I don't really have one! I slept in, then watched a bunch of TV. I did have a headache and I think I'm coming down with a cold - but those are pretty weak. Thankfully I sent her a card and a pair of earrings - other wise I really would have been in deep trouble (though I'm not sure she got them, since I didn't call!). Even though I'm a horrible daughter, I do hope she had a good day.

I, on the other hand, did not have a good Mother's Day. Now, I realize that I don't have actual children (we have three cats and a dog), so I don't really get to celebrate Mother's Day - but if my husband can get breakfast in bed for Father's Day, then I think it's only fair that I get something. So I requested only two things, one - that I did not have to get up at the crack of dawn to let the dog out and feed the cats and two - that I get breakfast in bed (which, given his cooking, is asking a lot). The day didn't turn out quite the way I'd planned...

Our 16 pound Maine Coon decided that he wanted breakfast at 6:30am, now that's not that out of the norm, but this time he decided to camp out on my chest and tell me about it - a bit rude really. Adding insult to injury, the puppy started barking at the squirrels and wanting out at 7am. The real kicker here was that my dear husband, the one that was supposed to be giving me the gift of NOT having to deal with this, was sound asleep!

I should really just leave the story there since that was a perfect prelude to the day - I cooked myself breakfast, the dog broke our laptop, I spilled pizza all over my new area rug, the list could go on - but you get the gist. I'm beginning to think that I should reserve Mother's Day for the real moms, after all that's who Hallmark had in mind when they made up the holiday in the first place.

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