Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Look, it's June!

Right, so... that whole Janathon thing...

I gotta say, it was a great idea. And I really did hit the ground running - well I hit it right after I pulled myself up off the bathroom floor (since starting a running challenge on New Year's day after a very long and alcohol filled New Year's Eve isn't the easiest thing ever). I really was trying super hard (I mean I did run with a big hangover) and then... I dislocated my knee on day 5.

Needless to say, my hopes of a fabulously fit New Year kinda went down the toilet. On the upside, it was just my patella and I was up and around in no time, and back to wogging with in a couple of weeks.

So that brings us to June (I know, it's not like I couldn't blog about other stuff in the mean time, but I was busy and ...well, just scroll down to see all the other lame ass excuses I've used in past when I haven't been blogging). And what makes June so special? Why Juneathon of course!

So Juneathon is the same idea - only better weather and (theoretically) fewer hangovers. We run (or exercise in some way shape or form) every day and then blog about it. All good. Can't wait. Totally stoked for it. Only, I'm totally booked for the week and, oh yeah - I might die on Sunday. Perhaps I'm being overly dramatic, I may not actually die, but I may no longer have use of my feet or legs after Sunday.

See, I'm running my first half marathon on Sunday and I'm just not sure I'm going to make it. On the plus side there will be champagne and chocolate at the finish line and that's a helluva motivator. But really 13.1 miles?! What was I thinking?! I can barely run a 13 minute mile let alone stack up 13 of those in a row. And yet I have friends that do it frequently and swear that I can manage it. And I can totally walk it, there's no shame in walking right?

All right, enough whining. It'll be a cake walk right? 13.1 miles - no big deal. A month of running - easy peasy.  So now I can just stress out about remembering to blog.

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