Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hello Bloggy

You never call, you never write...

Yet again I have remembered that I do indeed have a blog. And it's not like I don't have stuff to chat about - I have the same riveting life I've always had, I guess I've just become supremely lazy. But you know, with moving, working, mom's doctor appointments and re-runs of the Jersey Shore who wouldn't give blogging a rest?

Did you see how I did that? Slipped in a little something about moving and working with out missing a beat? I'm clever that way.

Yeah, I got myself a job - a pretty good one too. And I know this because it's the same job I had before I fell out of the smart tree, hit all the stupid branches on the way down and moved to Michigan - I'm back working for my old boss in Cali (See? That's the moving part).

It's been a bit and there's been a lot of nothings and somethings, so shall we recap?

December - Mom got sick and I came out to California for an extended "visit", if you want to consider hours of waiting in surgery and doctor's waiting rooms a visit.

January - More doctors and physical therapy, for mom, not me. For me tons of driving and the need for regular therapy and drugs. Oh, and I ran - a lot.

February - Mom started chemo and I spent my birthday sitting with her in the hospital as she gets a big old blood transfusion due to anemia from surgery and chemo. Wait, Valentine's Day is in February, right? I can't remember what that included - I know it didn't include any presents or phone calls from the Hubs.

March - I can barely remember March, though I'm sure it involved lots of doctors visits and I think we did some shopping for new hair and boobs for mom. For me, more running and yoga (and bourbon).

April - Light at the end of the chemo tunnel - and all the other medical appointments were down to a dull roar. Quiet enough to start wondering if I should head back to Michigan and resume my life as it was. Then my old boss found out I was in town and pondering a change - so he called and offered me a job.

From there it's just a blur of running off to Michigan, packing up a bunch of clothes, grabbing the dog, kissing the kitties and the Hubs good-bye and getting back to California to get back to work. Then lots of working and a lot less running and yoga, but more bourbon. And here we have ourselves in October.

Slipped another one it there didn't I? I haven't said a permanent farewell to the Hubs or my darling little kitties, just to Michigan. Though I can't guarantee that there won't be a permanent goodbye between us - things are rough and living 2000 miles apart isn't always easy (though I do sleep better with the whole bed to myself). However I can guarantee that I won't be without my kitties - I'll take being the single crazy cat lady to not having them.

That's the nutshell that has been my life thus far - it's safe to say that 2010 has been another doozy of a year. It does leave me wondering about 2011, maybe that'll be my easy year.

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