Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm Here...Kind Of

Just checking in quickly.

In the good news category:
- Scott got a real job (well kind of).
- That real job comes with real health insurance (instead of the expensive half-assed version that we had before).
- Because of that insurance I've finally decided to get my sorry ass into therapy.
- I got to drive off to DC to meet up with my dear friends to go to the Big Gay Hoedown again.
- I got a sassy new hair cut a month ago, and the bangs are good (I know, I can die happy now, right?)
- It is finally green here, mostly.
- I'm still employed, for now.

In the bad news category:
- The real job that Scott got only helps us go broke more slowly.
- The therapist as diagnosed me as clinically depressed (which I really didn't think I was, but hey, now I can get some cool drugs if I want to).
- I got a ticket on my way back from DC - that sucked.
- It's still freaking freezing here, we've had like 3 warm days and I've either been out of town or in the office.
- I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to be employed, or how much longer I want to be employed.

Other than all that I'm soooo in the middle of my little mid-life crisis. Darn it, I started it without you guys, now I'm in the middle of it and you all don't even know about it. Let's just say that I've done some less than healthy things (less than health for my emotional well being and possibly for my marriage) and am now reaping the rewards. Once I get my head clear(er) I'll report back.

But know that I'm here, mostly. I'm reading your blogs, checking in with you all - even though I'm not commenting much. Really I'm trying to dig out of this hole I've found myself in.

Current Music: We Made You - Eminem


Bronwyn said...

Hope you're doing okay. Therapy is a good idea. So are drugs when necessary. You'll make it out.

Hotch Potchery said...

So glad to see a post...I am sorry you are having such a rough time. Therapy is a great thing, and if you are depressed, it is a superb thing.

Lori said...

What you mean this blog and our ever so lovely comments aren't therapy enough for you??? Just kidding.
Well I hope it gets better for you and Scott. For sure try the medication, It can work really well, but you have to give it 6 weeks for optimal effect, and a lot of people give up before then.
And I'm glad you hear from you, even if it isn't great news. I was worried about you.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

We can't be good to others until we're good to ourselves. Be good to you, my friend.

kimmyk said...

Thanks for checking in. I'm sorry to hear things are shitty in your part of the world, but if it helps any-we're all here to hold your hand and help you through it.

Big hugs chick! Keep your chin up!

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