Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Oh yes, I've been lame lately. Strange that I was sooooo into my blogging during NaBloPoMo and Holidailies, now, not so much. Yep, I've been a bad blogger, I looked at my blog today and realized it had been a week and I hadn't posted a word - I felt terribly guilty.

And then there's the commenting - how am I to maintain my vast audience if I don't pop by every now and then and remind you all that I'm out here? For that I feel even more guilty.

Perhaps I'll make a blog resolution - blog more, comment more, work less? Perhaps I will pick up Blog 365? Somehow commitment to blogging made me a, I won't say better, but more prolific blogger. Or perhaps not - it was tough coming up with two months - yeah, that's a bad idea.

But speaking of resolutions, most have gone by the way side. All except two - can you guess? Yep, I'm still flossing (my hygienist will be so proud) and I'm still working on my portion control (oh except for the mac and cheese the other day - and maybe the peppermint patties on Saturday). And in non-resolution news I did decide to do a 365 project (right, not blogging - obviously) I've been taking a picture a day (if you want to take a peek at those you can go here or here). So the water and the veggie things just didn't fly, but I'm feeling ok about the whole resolution thing so far (of course talk to me in June and I may be singing a different tune).

Other than all that, things here are status quo - cold, grey, vaguely depressing. Work is work, home is quiet, Scott is working - so all's well.

Current Music: The Loser Blues - Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys


kimmyk said...

sometimes you dont have to say a word.

we'll still be here.

for a different kind of girl said...

ditto kimmy's sentiment. you know i've been coming around here, checking on ya, but knowing that life? yeah, sometimes it's for living and not blogging.

but about this work less idea...


either way, always glad to see you when you're around!

Anonymous said...

girl, i always got ya back!! hehe.
keep on keepin' on, mandy lou.

i am impressed with your continued flossing. i quit after 3 days.

Lori said...

You'll get back in the bloggin groove again after you recover from Nov/Dec blogging daily. I've got you in my bloglines, so I wont forget you if you take a break.

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