Friday, February 24, 2006

A Very Merry Un-Birthday

So today seems to be as good a day as any to start this thing. I signed up a while ago and I’ve been trying to figure what to write about, and when – so much stress for such a silly thing.

I picked today since it’s the day after my birthday – sort of like a new year’s resolution, only it’s a blog. The question still remains as to what to talk about – my job, my pets, the impending arrival of my new niece/nephew – so many possible topics, but who really cares? You know - if a tree falls... But maybe it will be cathartic, a place to dump all of the strange things that invade my brain - or maybe just a stress release valve?

Still, I’m not sure how to do this – do I just rant? Is there a particular etiquette to follow? How often do I blog (is blog even a verb)? So many questions – perhaps there is a blogging 101 somewhere - I'll have to look into that.

Perhaps I’ll just let this entry stand as it is – an introduction, a new beginning, a blank page for the next year. It seems a bit too little, but right. Plus it gives me more time to try and come up with some fabulously funny thing to blog about next!


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